Thursday, March 12, 2009

The First Day at the Hospital

We were there at 7am, had a tour, helped with some paperwork, and joined "rounds" at 8am. The day turned out to be very quiet. We accompanied the group of women being discharged today to the administration office, accompanied by a student nurse who carried the maternity ward log. This was given to the cashier who figured out what each woman owed for her stay. Then we all traipsed over to another building, the Women's Health clinic, where they sat through a brief presentation on birth control methods were each given appointments to return for their "family planning" appointment. Two of the women being discharged did not come to the family planning clinic with us, as they had had tubal ligations following their deliveries. One was 27 years old and had just had her 4th baby. There are many posters around the hospital recommending limiting childbearing to the ages of 20 to 35.
We also each bathed a newborn, and measured (head and chest circumference and length) and weighed the babies being discharged.
The heat, humidity, and being on my feet all day was enough to wear me out. After a walk to the supermarket and back, then a walk to dinner, we are ready to call it a night.
Perhaps tomorrow we'll see some births.

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